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Protein and energy malnutrition

Protein and energy malnutrition
How Mexico is working to mitigate the effects of PEM
There has been a social policy in Mexico which have been made to comprise varied programs of food aid that the country aims to use them to develop the country’s nutritional status which include distribution of food, fortification programs and micronutrient add-ons. The country also assists the vulnerable people through food coupon programs.
The country promotes higher consumption of energy among the school age children both the vulnerable ones and those from the marginal areas (Council (U.S), 1974). There are national food fortification programs and supplements of micronutrients are distributed out to the groups that are venerable. Food and nutrition programs are assessed so as to share out the resources that are scarce in efficient ways.
The children who are yet to go to school and also the women who are pregnant are assisted with transfers of cash on top of the food coupons and supplements.
The government of Mexico also through education and advances of family heath care and nutritional status programs improves self-sufficiency.
There have been schools, 5 universities and other governmental branches that have got involved in applying many various projects in a bid to not only identify but to also find ways through which the nutritional related diseases can be prevented.
The efforts of the country have been met with success because there have been reduction of diseases on children under five by 12 percent, an increment of 8 percent in the number of the pregnant women who go to healthcare centers, cases of morbidity in men have decreased by 19 percent, the beneficiaries of the programs have increased their attendance to healthcare centers by 59 percent and the children who are under three have recorded an increment in their height. The recommendations that I would make for the continued improvement is that if the governments of countries that don’t run such programs and where there is prevalent of PEM, more so Sub-Saharan countries should suit the example of Mexico since a healthy young generation is a healthy tomorrow.


Council(U.S), N. R. (1974). Improvement of protein nutriture. Washington D.C: National Academies.

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