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NUR 3321 Health Promotion – Paper II

NUR 3321 Health Promotion – Paper II11/9/15peaPaper II is designed to challenge explore one strategy to address a population health issue: patient/family education.This intervention must be community-specific. See Moodle course page for paper template and grading rubric.Paper Content GradeBuilding on Paper I and the agency presented, select one relevant health promotion issue addressed by theagency that will serve as the focus for the community-specific health promotion teaching.Examples: American Diabetes Association (Foot Care), American Lung Association (Smoking Cessation),American Cancer Society (Colorectal Cancer Screening)Introduction (Paper)? Set the stage for your reader? Provide a brief overview of the entire paper? Touch on each content area? Estimated length: one substantive paragraph10%Health Promotion Issue and Agency (Paper)? Provide data/statistics specific to the issue to be addressed by the teaching intervention. (For example,in Paper I cancer in general may have been presented. This paper may focus on colorectal cancer.)? Minimum of three references for this section? Estimated length one to two substantive paragraphs that help the reader understand the scope of thisspecific issue and how the agency is involved.20%Community-Specific Health Promotion Teaching (Paper)? Teaching product construction? Define target population? Determine the education level appropriate for your target population? For the purposes of this assignment we will construct a product in English. However, pleaseaddress whether or not you would consider constructing the pamphlet in other languages based onthe target audience.? Assess and report the reading level of your pamphlet. There are some tools for doing so in yourtextbook (pages 516-519). There are also some free assessment tools on line like the Flesch GradeLevel Calculator: Plan for disseminating teaching product? There are any number of options for disseminating your product and no specific right answer(health fairs, schools, physician clinics, etc.). Help the reader understand why your plan matchesyour target audience.? Minimum of three references for this section? Estimated length three to four substantive paragraphs that help the reader understand your rationale forteaching product construction and dissemination20%Conclusion (Paper)? Analyze and synthesize the information in the paper? Touch on each content area? Estimated length: one substantive paragraph10%Mechanics (Paper)? Appropriate spelling/grammar? Paper formatted appropriately (use template provided)? APA references (both in-text and on reference list) appropriate? 3-5 references (5 for maximum credit)20%Patient-Education Material (Pamphlet/Brochure)? A range of formats are acceptable. Explore teaching products in your healthcare facility/clinic. Select aformat (single page, bi-fold, tri-fold, etc.) that you believe would be attractive to the target audience? Teaching material should be attractive with appropriate use of white-space, text and images? Does not use copyrighted images? Appropriate spelling/grammar? 3-5 references included20%NUR 3321 Health Promotion – Paper II11/9/15pea

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