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Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation
1. Tell me how you use your communication skills, written and oral.
2. Think about the changes you have seen and tell me how you handle change.
3. Tell me about a decision you made recently and how you reached it.
I believe these would make good questions for an interview scenario because they all deal with how the interviewee will be able and capable to deal with various scenarios that a person will encounter everyday in this line of work. The first question for example deals with one’s communication skills both oral and written. This is a crucial and vital part especially in the educational sector where one gets to interact with many people on a day-to-day basis. Thus one needs to find out whether the interviewee has enough oratory skills to communicate effectively with students and other stuff members. The second question on the other hand deals with how one is able to adapt to change and also conform to the new rules and regulations set out by those in charge. This is also important because for one to be considered a team player he or she must be able to adjust to new and ever changing situations in the work place. The third question on the other hand deals with how an individual is capable and proficient enough in decision making. It will also prove to the interviewer that the interviewee has leadership skills and is a go getter ready to take control incase the boss is not around. This will prove that incase of anything there will always be someone to leave in charge of things and they are guaranteed that nothing will go wrong.

Tell me about a decision you made recently and how you reached it.
I recently made a decision to initiate the reorganization of the political science club association that needed fundamental managerial change in the running of the day to day activities in the club. This required organizing new elections and structural change in the club. I had to rally other club members to get on board with this idea and after most complied elections was carried out and now new leaders have taken control and implementation of new structural changes are taking place slowly.

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