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Illustrate the new freedom in cinema that emerged during the post-revolutionary times in Iranian Cinema

Research Paper
For this assignment you will write a research paper that creates an analytical argument that is supported by outside research. You can focus on a single film, a series of films that have related themes, film genres, film movements, a director’s work, or other topics. The research paper is not limited to a film shown in class, but is your chance to explore areas that were not covered or only briefly covered during the course. Because you are encouraged to do original work on an area not explored or only briefly explored in class, you are required to find outside research that will support your thesis. The research paper is not a summary or historical report on a film or movement, but instead must form an analysis around the themes, genre, movement, or any other focus you have chosen. For example, one could analyze the transformation CGI has had on the science fiction genre, analyze the merits of the auteur theory, create an argument regarding the progression of female characters in Disney animated movies, or do a closer reading on the use of non diegetic sound in Pierrot Le Fou. If you are considering writing about multiple films, a genre, or a movement it is recommended to only incorporate 2-3 films into your argument.
Papers must be 5-7 full pages, double spaced, standard margins, Time New Roman Font, and 12 pt. size. Paper are also required to have at least 2 outside sources. Papers should be free of grammatical errors, well organized and structured, avoid plot summary, and rely on cinematic terms to state your argument. Theses must be original. Although theses can draw on themes and issues we have discussed in class, arguments should not just be a restatement of class lectures and discussions.
Iranian Cinema
Post-revolutionary Iranian Cinema is widely celebrated across the world and the works of Abbas Kiarostami, Majid Majidi, and Jafar Panahi are box office and critical successes. Papers will explore the works of these artists during the post-revolutionary period and will examine the flourish of creativity with the removal of government censorship. Potential areas of interest may be the role children play in these films or film, the representation of women and sexuality, as well as the use of realist techniques. Papers may also analyze one film and use it to illustrate the new freedom in cinema that emerged during the post-revolutionary times.
The film response requires proper citation format
Paper Checklist:
 The paper forms a clear thesis that is articulated in the opening of the paper and supported by the rest of the paper.
 Papers avoid plot summary.
 Papers are well organized with a structure that follows the central argument.
 Use of cinematic language to state arguments. Use the link below for help.
 (
 Papers must be at least 5-7 full pages, although they can be longer.
 Paper contains at least two appropriate outside sources.
 Use of MLA of Chicago Style Citation if using sources.
 All the writing is original and is not just relying on class discussions.
 Papers are free of grammatical errors.

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