Human Races

Human RacesBased on three sources that I provide you, answer a following question — Why do most anthropologists feel that “human races” make little sense as biology but need tobe understood as an aspect of culture? (Be certain do discuss exactly what you mean by the word “race” and include a discussion of the following concepts in youressay: clinal, non-concordance, polymorphic and polytypic variation, and the low genetic diversity of Homo sapiens as well as additional pertinent material).Polymoprhic variation in ppt lecture refers to “within group variation” as discussed on the e-book page 314. Not polymorphisms at the DNA level as on the e-book pages316 – 318.You can use ONLY 3 sources that I provide you:1. One attached ppt file, The Nature of Human Biological Variation.2. E-book chapter 12. You can access the e-book by login on Amazon.3. A following link answer the question, you should only use the above sources. That means you must not use any outside sources except the 3 sources that I provide you (Examples thatyou use in the paper should be from those 3 sources. It should not be from outside sources, or your guess). In addition, you need to read and watch all parts of 3sources. Please put the APPRORIATE answers, and cover all questions with in-text citation.Examples of In-text Citation:1. ppt file (“The Nature of Human Biological Variation”, page number of ppt file)2. E-book (Jurmain, page number)3. linked video (video, time like 16:27)Please put the citations whenever you paraphrase or use the information. I am going to read and check it after I get the completed paper.Remember that you should read and watch all 3 sources to answer the questions.

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