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How can you describe the job of an early childhood teacher?

Conduct your interview. Interviews may be conducted on site (for this the student must send to the potential interviewee a respectful and professional inquiry about the possibility of an interview) or on the phone. Online asynchronous (e.g. e-mail) or synchronous (e.g. IM or Chat) interviews are not acceptable for this assignment. A brief letter of documentation from the interviewee indicating that the interview was conducted over the phone or in-person must be submitted via e-mail to your instructor. Upon completion of your interview, write a paper that includes each interview question along with a summary of the professional’s answers. You should also include a two or three paragraph conclusion describing what you learned during the interview. Your final interview should be between 5-7 pages in length. Remember, this is an in-depth interview, not a series of brief questions.

The interview question:


Q1.  How can you describe the job of an early childhood teacher?

Q2. What are the typical job responsibilities of an early childhood teacher?

Q3. What do you consider the three most important roles of an early childhood teacher? Why do you find these three too be the most important?

Q4. When would a family decide to seek your help?

Q5. What is the workplace of an early childhood teacher like?

Q6. What equation qualifications does one have to achieve in order to work in this field?

Q7. What does the course work of an early childhood teacher entail?

Q8. In addition to the course work, does an early childhood teacher need any practical hands-on training?

Q9.  What certifications, licenses and registrations does an early childhood teacher require?

Q10. What does the training process entail?

Q11. From the experience, you have in this field what do you think a child needs most from an early childhood teacher?

Q12. How would you handle an upset parent complaining that another kid is teasing his or her kid?

Q13.  Apart from the training and course work, what other important qualities does an early childhood teacher need to be successful in this field?

Q14. What do you see as the nature of the relationship between an early childhood teacher and the families of the children you handle?

Q15. Can you describe the job of a childcare worker as satisfying?

Q16. What have been the most influential experiences you have had in your work with families and young children?

Q17. Which one of these experiences were the most important to you and what makes them important?

Q18. What are some of the recommendations would you give an individual looking into working in this field

Q19.  If you had the opportunity, would you operate your own program?

Q20. What elements do you consider the most vital in quality operations you would be sure to include?

Q21. As a professional in this filed, what are some of the areas would you like to develop and what skills would you as a professional would like to learn?

Q22. With the experience you have I this filed, what gives you the most satisfaction and what part of this of is most difficult to handle?

Q23. How can you describe your relations and interactions with you fellow staff members?

INTERVIEW A PROFESSIONAL IN THE FIELD                                                                       3

Q24. How can you work as a team inn this filed and does this filed of work value teamwork and collaboration?

Q25. What is you greatest professional and personal accomplishment?

Q26.  What type of families or children are hardest to work with and how does an early childhood teacher handle these situations?

Q27. What type of children to you most like working with?

Q28. Have you ever worked with children and families from other ethnic or cultural settings?

Q29. Have you worked with a mentor in this field?  Has there been someone in particular who has influenced you to consider working with young children?

Q30. How do you handle classroom discipline while working with young children? do you handle a behavior problem in the classroom?

Q32. What are some of the strategies you use to motivate young children to work in groups?

Q33. What strategies do you use to modify you teaching methods in order to reach students who are not performing well?

Q34. What advice would you give to individuals looking into joining this field?

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