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Explain how can knowledge of business law help owners and managers reach their business goals?

Instructions: 1. Last date of submission of Assignment is November 2nd (After reading week)

. 2. Please submit your assignment online using Subject: Assignment #1 ADMN2306UN. Use Header: On your document use header to write your Name and Course (As an example you can see header with my name on this assignment) Save your Document as: Assignment #1_CL

3. Write (copy from assignment) every question before you write its answer. 4. Rubrics will be used to evaluate each answer (you can see the Rubrics on Bb)

part one

 Answer each question between 35 to 40 words

. 1. How can knowledge of business law help owners and managers reach their business goals?

2. How does the law facilitate commercial relations?

3. Outline four mechanisms for resolving disputes.

4. What are the four sources of law in Canada?

5. Compare and contrast mediation and arbitration.

6. Does tort law automatically provide a remedy when someone has been physically or economically injured? Explain.

7. What must a plaintiff prove to succeed with a negligence action?

8. What are the purposes of Contract Law?

9. What is economic breach?

10. Explain why it might be a good idea to get a contract in writing?


part 2 


 Answer each question between 100 to 120 words.


  Knowledge of the law is a business asset. How can you acquire this asset short of becoming a lawyer? How is ignorance of the law a liability?

2. Class actions are growing in popularity as a way for a large number of small consumer claims that might otherwise have been ignored to be brought against a corporation. For example, Canadian purchasers of iPods brought a class action against Apple Inc. for the lack of staying power in their batteries. Apple settled and the purchasers were credited $44.75 each. Who benefits from a successful class action lawsuit? Who loses from a successful class action lawsuit?


 3. Alternative dispute resolution has many positive features. It can be faster and cheaper than litigation. And unlike litigation, the process can be confidential and the parties can control the process, the timing, and the selection of the facilitator. Are there any downsides to the avoidance of litigation in favour of ADR in the resolution of disputes? When is litigation the most appropriate method of resolving a dispute?

4. When the common law rules of contract were being formed by the judiciary, paper correspondence was the only form of distance communication. Are the traditional rules of contract formation appropriate for modern methods of communication?

5. In the Mustapha case (Chapter 11, Page 244-45), the plaintiff could not recover for his mental shock at seeing a dead fly in an unopened bottle of water because such a mental injury would not occur in a person of ordinary mental fortitude. Do you think such an approach unfairly favours the water supplier over the customer? 

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