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Explain does child labor reduce youth crime?.


a) conduct and complete the research, choosing the 5 articles you plan to review

I have all the sources I would like used listed below:

Horowitz, A. W., & Trivitt, J. R. (2007). Does Child Labor Reduce Youth Crime?. Kyklos, 60(4), 559-573. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6435.2007.00385.x

Zaitsev, G. K., Zaitsev, A. G., Dmitriev, M. G., & Apal’kova, I. I. (2009). Rehabilitation of the Personality of Juvenile Offenders. Russian Education And Society, 51(11), 50-60.

Prather, W., & Golden, J. A. (2009). Learning and Thinking: A Behavioral Treatise on Abuse and Antisocial Behavior in Young Criminal Offenders. International Journal Of Behavioral

Consultation And Therapy, 5(1), 75-105.

Feder, J., Levant, R. F., & Dean, J. (2007). Boys and Violence: A Gender-Informed Analysis. Professional Psychology: Research & Practice, 38(4), 385-391. doi: 10.1037/0735-7028.38.4.385

Hlavka, H. R. (2014). Legal Subjectivity Among Youth Victims of Sexual Abuse. Law & Social Inquiry, 39(1), 31-61. doi:10.1111/lsi.12032

b) read and locate key findings from each article (2-3 key findings is sufficient)

c) outline those key points, cluster them into subtopics for paragraphs in the body of the reivew

d) begin the actual writing process

Like most general essays, the literature review will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Here are the elements I would like to see in each of these:

Introduction: Introduce the topic, provide some general idea to the reader about the direction of the review, and provide a thesis statement (one statement that tells the reader what the review will examine). A sample thesis statement might be: This literature review will examine scholarly researchh on gender and online dating, to include areas of of presentation of self, communication style, and profile preferences. *Note, the thesis statement will most likely be fully formed after you have an outline of the entire review

Body: The key findings from the various articles you searched and read will be discussed in the body. You will want to cluster your subtopics into separate paragraphs. In the body, you present the information as is, with minimal reflection on the information. Scientific writing is very straightforward and simple in literature review.

Conclusion: This should be at least one to two full paragraphs. The conclusion is not only a summary of the key findings from the various research, it is also the area where you, as author, make connections and insights about the whole body of evidence on the topic. This is also the place to provide insight, reflections, disputes, or recommendations in reference to the findings.

I don’t need a work cited page but Please do APA Proper in tech citing.

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