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Examine the role of health education in influencing social and political change.

Practicum: Journal Entry and Time Log
Reflect on the patient profile and assessment process that is used at your practicum setting. Based on the windshield survey you conducted for this week’s Discussion, explain how you would modify, enhance, or adapt this patient profile and assessment and why. (Client lives in Newport News, Virginia, living in poverty stricken neighbor, patient is a smoker)
This assignment should reflect on a individual that was used in the window survey completed in below assignment. This assignment goes with week for discussion window survey (Writer #81455033)

Windshield Surveys
In order to effectively care for patients in your clinical setting, you must be familiar with the community in which you practice. Your knowledge of community factors that might impact healthy living will help you develop strategies for influencing health behavior changes among patients. An effective way to learn about communities from the patient population perspective is through the use of windshield surveys. By driving around and examining a community or walking around with a community member, you can gain a better understanding of a community’s environment, culture, and resources. For this Discussion, you conduct a windshield survey in your practicum setting’s community and consider ways to influence behavior changes among patients within the community.
To prepare:
• Review this week’s media presentations as well as the “Windshield and Walking Survey” article in the Learning Resources.
• Conduct a windshield survey in your practicum setting’s community.
• Based on this windshield survey, reflect on your community assessment.
• Consider the implications of what you observed (e.g., environment, culture, etc.) on the behaviors of patients within this community. Think about any barriers to healthy living.
• Think about culturally competent strategies you might use to influence behavior changes within this community.

• Green, J., Tones, K., Cross R., & Woodall, J. (2015). Health promotion: Planning and strategies (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage
o Chapter 7, “Education for Health” (Review pp. 311-370)

This chapter explores the importance of health education in health promotion. It also examines the role of health education in influencing social and political change.
o Chapter 8, “Mass Communication” (pp. 372-412)

This chapter examines the role of mass media in influencing health behavior changes. It also identifies strengths and limitations of media interventions for health promotion.
• The Community Tool Box. (2013). Windshield and walking surveys. Retrieved from

This article examines components of windshield and walking surveys. It explains their purpose, when to conduct them, who should conduct them, and how to conduct them.

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