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Examine the main ways that Emirates segment the market using demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables.

You have been appointed as a marketing consultant to analyze the target market of Emirates Airline and the marketing strategies currently in place.

You are required to produce a report to the head of the Marketing Consultancy which should address the following:-

This Assignment will have a turnitin report.

Plagiarism more than 5% will not be accepted.

Task 1

 Examine the main ways that Emirates segment the market using demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables. 5 marks

 Identify the segments Emirates are targeting. 5 marks

 Explain how they are positioned in the market against their main direct and indirect competitors. 5 marks

Task 2

You have also been tasked with reviewing the current Emirates marketing mix as well as making recommendations for a revised more effective marketing mix so that they can achieve even better results.

You will need to conduct a marketing audit and report on the following:

 PRODUCT: Identify the services offered and examine how they are developed to sustain competitive advantage 15 marks

 PLACE: Explain how the “place” strategy is arranged to provide customer convenience 10 marks

 PRICE: Explain how prices are set to reflect the organisation’s objectives and market conditions 10 marks

 PROMOTION: Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to achieve its aims for the target market 15 marks

 Analyse the additional elements of the extended marketing mix

15 marks

 Make recommendations for improvements to the marketing mix

15 marks

 Structure and presentation 5 marks


You need to produce a detailed report covering the segmentation, targeting and positioning of Emirate’s services, as well as all the elements of the marketing and extended marketing mix for Emirates.

Identify the target market that Emirates appeals to.

 Identify the targeting strategy used and evaluate how successful it is.

 Identify how Emirates are positioned against their competition

 Include a detailed product range and portfolio for Emirates.

Apply Strategic techniques like BCG matrix and Ansoff’s growth matrix

 Investigate and report on the “place” strategy used by Emirates

 Provide pricing details of Emirates 3 class service . Identify the different pricing strategies used by the organization. Investigate factors influencing these pricing policies.

 Produce information on various promotional activities undertaken by Emirates. This could include advertising, personal selling sales promotion, social media, publicity and PR activities etc.

 Provide brief information on the additional elements of the extended marketing mix and explain how important they are to Emirates.

 Recommend improvements to the marketing mix covering only 4

Elements:-product, price, place and promotion.

 Include “Product Life Cycle” ex. Introduction last two destinations in Emirates. Growth example Bali. Maturity ex. Uk . Decline ex. Syria. Add information and demonstrate a table.

 Include a “Product line and Product Mix”

 Include Brand, Brand name and value, Brand loyalty, and Brand Equity”

 Include an “annual financial report”


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