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Evaluate the effectiveness of the training program through surveys, follow-up interviews, operational and focus groups.

Assess the Draft Training Proposal and peer feedback you received in Week Two, and finalize the topic and objectives for your training program. Develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) training objectives based on the needs assessment and any assumptions you may need to make.
Draft is below please re work include the outline of using SMART objectives:
Creating performance improvement is the draft topic where the analysis of the ways that can be used to improve the performance of the employees is looked into. The objective of the training is to learn the present performance of the workers and create ways that can enhance their performance to make the human resource department better.
The first step of the plan will involve analysis of the human resource department operations and day-to-day activities. Carry out a survey to determine the duties of workers require helping most with in developing the expertise. It will help identify the weak points that require improvement. The second step will involve designing of the training program through listing the objectives of learning and making an outline. The program will include training the employees of the HR department on improved operational methods (Anderson, 2004).
The third step includes the development of the training materials which include presentations, study guides, and classroom exercises. A list of resources and references requires being drafted. Then these should be communicated to the workers through different methods such as the net. The fourth step involves implementing the training program through communication its availability to the employees who require learning of the created methods of improving their work. Training should be made mandatory for all the employees to ensure the plan succeeds (Strayer, 2005).
The last step is about evaluating the effectiveness of the training program through surveys, follow-up interviews, operational and focus groups. It will help determine if the workers have adapted to the created effective methods which will lead to the growth of the entire HR department.
Anderson, V., & Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (2004). Research methods in human resource management. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
Strayer, S. D., & Vault (Firm). (2005). Vault guide to human resources careers. New York: Vault, Inc

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