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Do you think “flipping healthcare” is a viable concept?Explain.

In your time as a student you may have experienced a classroom that was “flipped”. Flipping a classroom means that lectures are completed outside of the classroom, questions and homework are completed in the classroom. The traditional lecture – homework approach creates and issue where the expert (the teacher / professor) is not available to help students tackle challenging questions when the help is needed most. Therefore, students were forced to learn alone by the traditional model, which may be frustrating. So, we flip – watch lectures as homework and use class time for collaboration and problem solving. Student surveys, test results, and overall achievement suggest that flipped classrooms work.

What about healthcare? Can we flip healthcare? Patients learn about their conditions, identify questions, track their own vitals, and instead of focusing on history and other time consuming topics with their providers (physicians, nurses, and PA’s) they focus on care, questions, and guidance during the appointment.

To complete the case study take the following steps:

Watch the video from Trevor (take notes)

Read the summary from Maureen Bisogano, IHI

Watch the clip on disruptive innovation, PWC

Write a short memo.

Step 1 – Trevor and the Perks of Diabetes.

As you watch make notes of the major concepts that are coming up in Trevor’s commentary. You might need to watch it a few times. The major points that Trevor makes will be important.

Step 2:Step 2 – Flipping Health Essay

I will attach the file later

Step 3 – Disruptive innovation in health care

You’ve seen the video from Trevor, you’ve read about the potential for flipping health from Maureen Bisognano, now watch this quick clip. It put’s innovation in perspective to helps us to understand how the power of innovation can and ultimately will change healthcare. The question is what is the next disruptive innovation? How will healthcare change in the next few years?

Step 4 – Case Assignment Questions

After watching the video from Trevor, reading with Maureen Bisognano form the Institute for Healthcare Improvement had to say, and watching the clip on disruptive innovation, please answer these questions:

1. Do you think “flipping healthcare” is a viable concept?

Why or why not.

Please note that you will need to support your answer. This means using facts and figures from the book or other sources to support your position.

Make sure that you cite the materials properly.

2. If you answered yes, how do you see this changing healthcare in the short term (5-10 years)? If you answered no, what do you see happening in the short term (5-10 years)?

For both questions, make sure that you use the book and or other sources for support of your arguments.

A statement that is unsupported will be rejected.

3. Depending on your answer to question #1, what changes or impacts do you see for your profession? How does your profession need to change in order to flip healthcare? OR Why can’t your profession support flipped care?

Do we need to change reimbursement?

Are there legal or ethical challenges?

Is there a health policy (laws or regulation) that needs to be changed?

What about the patient? – How can they participate prior to care?

A reminder…for the sake of your assignment…make sure you treat the Affordable Care Act as a change in the environment. Don’t worry about arguing whether it is good or bad, we are just dealing with the effects in the context of this course.

Answer these questions in 2 to 3 pages (no more than 3) double spaced.

Use Times New Roman font

Please pay attention to spelling and grammar!

Make sure that you are citing sources and that you include a reference section

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