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Define the type of IO it is: IGO, NGO or MNC

International Organization Project: Using what you have learned from the textbook (• Pease, Kelly-Kate. International Organizations: Perspective on Governance in the Twenty-first Century, 5th Edition, (Longman) Pearson Education Inc. 2012) and in class, each student is responsible for creating an International Organization of his or her choice. This project will be submitted in hardcopy paper format, should read as if it is a professional proposal to your partners, and have no less than 12 pages of written material (excluding graphics, bibliography and name page). Although your papers will be very different depending on whether you choose an IGO, NGO or MNC, please include the following about your IO:

1. Define the type of IO it is: IGO, NGO or MNC
2. Include a Mission Statement and Goals
3. Identify your target countries with explanation (HQ, production facilities, etc)
4. Identify where, who and how you are going to receive financing
5. Categorized your IO as Trade, Development, Environment, Human Rights/Humanitarian or other
6. Analyze how your IO be viewed through the lenses of the five International Relations Theories we have discussed in class (Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, Feminism, Constructivism)
7. Identify your major obstacles and how will your IO overcome these obstacles
8. Identify other IOs that are similar and identify how are you different
9. Each of these points must make sense in the context of your IO

This is your opportunity to be creative so pick something that interests you. Your IO can be involved in Sports, Business, Human Trafficking, Animals, Space, Technology, Science, Law, Children, Environment, Food, Wine, etc – these are only suggestions. You may interview people who work at IOs, and are encouraged to use this project as an excuse to contact IOs that you may be interested in working for or interning with. You have wide discretion on your sources, I recommend using the Economist as a helpful source, but in any case please cite all of the sources used. You may use charts, graphs, pictures or any other graphic to get your point across. Please be sure to properly cite your paper, any recognized citation method is acceptable, but please be consistent throughout the paper. Again, this should read as if it is a professional proposal submitted to your business partners and financiers.

Format: Each paper will be due for submission NO LATER THAN the date given on your syllabus. The paper must be submitted to me in hard copy. You must cite ALL sources that you have used for your papers; any academically accepted citation method is acceptable but all citations must be uniform throughout your paper. Your paper MUST include a name page, bibliography and be stapled. Points will be deducted if the paper is missing any of these elements or does not meet the minimum page requirement. The paper must include at least 12 pages of writing (excluding graphics, name page and bibliography) and may be divided into sections, the type must be in 12 font, double spaced, with one inch margins.

PS – please use databases and not google/wikipedia.
I will attach my outline (which was approved by the professor) as it will make it a bit easier for you to navigate through the assignment.
I will also attach all the notes given to us throughout the course. The professors notes are very detailed and will provide more insight into the structures of organizations.
PLEASE call me if there are any questions. I will be available all day and throughout the night. (571) 225-5324

Here are links that she provided to us as well –

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