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Compare banks from UK, USA, Hong Kong, Europe, etc.. on the effects of pay and bonuses on the management.

For a management assignment, the topic I chose is bonuses and pay in the banking industry, as an area of management. The idea is : what is the effects of pay and bonuses on the management of a given organization, in this case its banking. You can choose and compare banks from UK, USA, Hong Kong, Europe, etc.. Most importantly, provide academic sources like researches and journals.

Topic Ideas:

– Effects on organization culture

– Effects on management practices eg: push sales stratigies

– How would it relate to financial crisis

– Compare before financial crisis and the situation after

The structure is as follows:

A- Introduction:

Introduction of the subject / company / issue

• Definition of the problem / issue / concept

• Short background

• Basic details. For example, provide core details of the business, such as the industry where the company operates, economies of scale (for example in which continents the business operates), where the organisation’s headquarters’ is located

• Any other relevant details

• What you are going to look at next within the assignment

• Short conclusion

B- Main body:

the main body should include:

– Definition of the concept (more detailed than in an introduction)

– Focus on building an argument by choosing business analytical

tools to support your view and other research

– Build a counter-argument for example by acknowledging limitations

of your argument; there will be different views of the writings that

you have chosen to support your arguments. All the business

analytical tools and theories have limitations.

– Providing an example(s) to illustrate your view

– Evaluate and analyse; avoid being descriptive and focus on

analysing why and how something is happening / not happening

rather than just describing the situation / outcome.

– Use illustrations / graphics / visual artefacts / creative outputs to

support and illustrate your views.

– Be aware of broader filed; do not be afraid to refer to other

disciplines within your text.

– Add recommendations based on your analysis if there are

recommendations to be made.

– Add conclusions of the main issues introduced within the main


C- Conclusions and recommendations

D- Appendices

In case you create 500-word

long PESTLE analysis, the full analysis can be an appendix, that you can

refer to as (appendix 1) within your main text.

Similarly, if you have done for example primary research, you will need to add

a sample questionnaire as an appendix, as well as the actual results.

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