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A CLACK OF TINY SPARKS (Remembrances of a gay boyhood) By Bernard Cooper

A CLACK OF TINY SPARKS (Remembrances of a gay boyhood) By Bernard Cooper attached the essay instruction.Please write 1000 or more words for this essay.Remember the strategy : first, identity stuff that “struck you” in the essay–moments you remembered, word choices that you thought were interesting, points that you found particularly standout from the text. Second, look for patterns. Does the author use this kind of choice anywhere else? Can you link one choice to other choices? Third, ask yourself what this means on a larger level, to the essay overall (itsstory level). If Orwell says he’s “all on the side of the Burmese,” yet he consistently criticizes them, could you write him a letter that says his craft is undermining what he’s saying in his content? If he describes an elephant with human characteristics and humans with animal characteristics, which camp might he fall into at the end when the British are discussing the death (and value) of the elephant?You also have to write about those below (please do write according to below and mention about those in your essay):Exposition and scene: (where, how, why?)Vocabulary: author’s voice (tone- intention, emotion, attitude), diction(word choice, vocabulary(syntax-ordered sentence/words), tempo- speed, cliché- old, tired, over used (stale, place holder, unspecific))Sentences (syntax, patterns)Dialogue (use of voices/scenes)Structure (pace, time order, “hook”, conclusion)CharacterizationReminders:– Use specific textual examples from your chosen author(depth).– You do not have to pick your “favorite” piece: you can also choose a piece that allows you to write the most effective letter.– No outside research is allowed. Class readings need in-text citation only (the page from which you’re drawing the example). You do not need a works cited.– Remember that you are writing to a fellow writer. How might he or she want to receive feedback? You can demonstrate a strong understanding of voice, style, structure, and worldview by making your letter appeal specifically to the author. (That is, think about your voice and consider if Reid, for example, would take feedback in the same way as Grealy?)You can only refer or quote from below. No other resources are allowed:1) MIRRORINGS (To gaze upon my reconstructed face) By Lucy Grealy2) My Body, My Weapon, My Shame (In the world of Big Ten football, you feast on inflicting pain-on and off the field. You do it because you can. Because you weigh 300 pounds and your arms are bigger than most students’ heads. Because winning games makes you a star and makes the coaches happy. Because it’s what’s expected of you) By Elwood ReidPlease find the reading on your own if you wanna mention about this reading.3) A CLACK OF TINY SPARKS (Remembrances of a gay boyhood) By Bernard Cooper Letter Example :

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