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1. Discuss the growth of mobile communication and advances in mobile phone technologies in the world.

Aim of the assignment
1) It allows you to research and learn about technology development in an important area such as mobile communications.
2) It provides you the opportunity to present your findings in a form of a report.

Description of the assignment – Investigation of the development of mobile communications and mobile applications

There has been an explosive growth in the area of mobile communications in the last few decades. We have also seen a rapid increase in Smartphones with data and multimedia capabilities. Most adults and teenagers in many developed countries and some in developing countries now use a mobile phone for their daily activities. These devices are having a significant impact on the way people live, entertain, work and communicate with each other.

At present most mobile applications have been developed mainly focusing on the needs of the top 1.5 Billion of the world population who live in developed countries. There are about 3 billion of people living in developing countries have mobile phones and are ready in terms of technology and connectivity. But there are not many suitable applications for them to use at present. Developing mobile applications to this segment of the market opens up a new market that is twice the size of the current market.

In this assignment you will investigate the growth of the mobile communication in the world and in developing countries. There is a wealth of knowledge available on this topic on the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to start this assignment early, gather relevant information and address the questions in the assignment in a meaningful way. Acknowledge all the sources that you use via proper referencing method.

In your assignment address the following.

1. Discuss the growth of mobile communication and advances in mobile phone technologies in the world.

2. Discuss the growth of mobile communications in the developing countries. What are the reasons behind this growth and what is the impact of this growth for developing countries?

3. Many mobile applications in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, education and banking have been developed to address some of the issues that people face in developing countries. You task in this section is to investigate and discuss the development of healthcare mobile applications for developing countries. Discuss the following.

a) What are the problems that these applications try to solve?
b) In your view, have these applications been successful? Why or why not?

4. What are the issues that are related to designing mobile user interfaces for mobile applications and what are the possible solutions? (Note: This is a general question related to mobile application development).


• The sources that you use for this assignment must not be more than 5 years old. Most recent articles have more value.
• You must use proper referencing in the body of text.

• Example: in your document, you may have a sentence that is shown below:

Abundant supply of sunshine hence a high potential for solar power for charging mobile phone batteries even in rural areas [Muyinda et al. 2010]

At the end of the document, you need to have a References section where you need to have the details of your reference [Muyinda et al. 2010]


MUYINDA, B. P., LUBEGA, J. AND LYNCH, K. 2010. Unleashing mobile phones for research supervision support at Makerere University, Uganda: the lessons learned. International Journal of Innovation and Learning (IJIL) 7(1), 14-34
Structure of the Report
You must present the findings of this assignment in a form of a report. In addition to the ACU assignment cover page, your report should have the following.

Title page
The title page must contain the report title, full details of the student who prepared the report, and date of submission

This is different from an introduction. In less than 200 words, you should be able to give a concise and comprehensive description of your report. The summary should provide an overview of the whole report, so that the reader can get a good idea of what the report contains, without having to read it in detail. The summary should stand alone. It should include, very briefly, the background and purpose of the report, the main points covered, the significant findings, conclusions and recommendations.

The Introduction should tell the reader;
1. the purpose of the report
2. what the background is
3. what the report should cover

Main Section
This is the largest section and contains most of your information. In it, you will present your research findings to the reader. You need to organise the information into smaller subsections, and give these sections a heading. Make sure the information flows logically from one section to the next. You must use proper referencing methods to acknowledge your sources.

You must not introduce any new information here. You should pull together the main points of the report in a brief summary, and emphasise the most significant points. You should link your conclusion back to the purpose of the report which you stated in your introduction.

Reference list
A reference list tells the reader all the sources you have referred to in your report.

Submission Requirements

Submission Method:
This assignment must be submitted online as well as a hardcopy. Attach the assignment marking guide at the end of the assignment in your hard copy submission.

You must keep a soft copy and a hard copy of your assignment with you in case if it is required by the tutor/lecturer in the future.
• Length: 2000 (min) to 2500 (max) words, excluding referencing details. Indicate the word count of your assignment on the last page.
• Font type and size: Arial or Times New Roman, size 12
• Front cover: Attach the proper ACU assignment front cover as your first page. Fill in all the necessary details and sign for the originality of your work. Also include your tutor’s name, day and time of your tutorial on the front cover sheet.
• Attachments: Attach the assignment marking sheet at the end of the assignment.

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