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• Prepare Cash budget (and/or Cash Flow statement) and provide a brief analysis of cash flows from Operation, Investing and Financing activities (Cash flow statement analysis)

Now that we have covered some of the basic concepts in managerial accounting, we might want talk a little about the final project so you can keep the objectives of the project in mind as you work through the next few chapters. For your final you will create a new/enhanced program proposal.
You may complete this as an individual or team exercise. You may complete any of the following formats:
• Submit a business proposal for a new business ( A new “start-up” venture that you or a group of people are contemplating)
• Submit a new program/project proposal (Possibly one that you and/or your firm is working on now or recently completed)
• Submit a proposal for capital equipment or a new position
Prepare a proposal using the requirements list below. The proposal can focus on cost savings and revenue-generating programs. I strongly suggest that you use a program that you have or plan to propose to the organization for which you work. It is much easier to work with actual figures than to make up a fictitious company and researching what the possible figures might be. The proposal should include (but is not limited to) the following information:
• Briefly describe the program and its relationship to the organizational mission.
• If this is a new business, what is the legal structure (Partnership, Corporation or S Corporation)?
• What method of accounting (Cash method Vs Accrual method) will you use? Why?
• How will you price your product and/or products? What is the mark up on the product? What pricing strategy, Target Price and/or Cost Plus Price? Use this in the Sales Budget.
• You should explain if you are tracking cost using Job Order Cost system, Process Cost system, Operating Cost system, Activity Based cost system (for overhead) and/or a combination of the systems
• Create a 1 year Master Budget for the Business/program/project.
• Prepare Cash budget (and/or Cash Flow statement) and provide a brief analysis of cash flows from Operation, Investing and Financing activities (Cash flow statement analysis)
• Break Even Analysis, Target Profit and Margin of Safety in units and Sales Dollars for the Business/program/project
• Discuss the Return on Investment and/or Economic Value Added for the business/program/project to measure its projected performance.
• What is the Business/Project/Program’s Payback Period, Accounting rate of return and Net Present Value?
• If capital equipment is involved, is there a lease or buy decision – (NPV analysis).
• If new a Business or Program, Calculate and show the Present Value of the Business or Program using NPV analysis based on the expected future cash flows (possibly from Cash Budget or Cash flow statement).
• Do you require new personnel, if so complete the appropriate form and submit a brief job description?
• How will you fund this new program? Raising capital for the Business/project/program through funds internally (Retained Earning) to the company or externally via Bonds/Loans and/or Equity from investors.
• Have a conclusion convincing financer to finance the project.
This document should be no more than 10 pages. The cover sheet should include the type of proposal you are submitting, the name of your team members (if applicable) and their role in the project. Second page should be an executive summary giving a brief description of the project and any information you find pertinent (maximum 250 words). Your write up should provide analysis and summary touching on the requirements of the project. You can have supporting documents in the appendix that will not be counted towards the 10 pages of write up.
Format is important, and you are expected to present the information in an attractive, professional manner. If your use references, please make sure they are cited either in the footnotes or at the end of the paper. A title page and a table of contents lends to the organization of the paper. The document must be double-spaced, and professionally prepared (i.e., using basic APA style and/or for bibliographic formatting resources) spell-checked, clearly organized, and clearly summarized, with accurate citations for all referenced work.
You may only use Microsoft Word or Excel to develop your paper; remember that you must show your calculations. Papers submitted in .pdf format are also acceptable.
If you include proprietary information from your organization, please mark your paper confidential to ensure that its contents will not be used as an example in future classes.
Lastly, please make sure that the project employs some form of financial statements, capital expenditure worksheets, and/or any other pertinent accounting support schedules that we will employ throughout this course. Every project that is submitted must have some numerical support and accounting schedules, not just a written analysis. We need to practice integrating both numbers in words in our analyses throughout the MBA program at BU.

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